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Wholesale Only*

CoChef distributes Canadian natural food brands to

the local and global markets. Canadian No.1 honey, maple syrup, freeze-dried berries, and chocolates are the main products.

LB Maple Treat

CoChef distributes Canadian Maple products from the beloved and biggest

maple syrup company, LB Maple Treat.

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Kidd Bros.& Western Sage Honey

CoChef distributes Canadian Honey products from one of the oldest Canadian honey company, Kidd Bros, with over 130yrs of history.


CoChef distributes Canadian natural superfood powders, NATRIHEALTH is specialized in pure Canadian freeze-dried berries and superfood powders.

Real Earth Bounty

CoChef distributes 100% natural Canadian dried berries coated with chocolates and yogurt.

Jan K. Overweel

CoChef distributes grocery items that are all chosen for their quality ingredients and delicious flavours. Products of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, the U.S. and Canada.