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About CoChef

CoChef Food Inc. is a food production and distribution company introducing Canadian pure and natural foods to the market.


After years of building experience in the food industry, CoChef Food Inc. is expanding the business from food production and distribution to specialized packaging.


CoChef Food has the meaning of preparing a healthy meal together, just like professionals. As of Co meaning together, and Chef meaning a professional cook. CoChef Food believes that everyone deserves to eat well and live healthy, bringing nutritious food to daily lives. 


BeeFamily, CoChef's main brand for the nutritious honey stick, combines the best gifts from nature, honey, with other superfoods and berries. The delicious and healthy combination is the secret of being the beloved brand.


"We wish our products bring joy to your table and healthily empowers your daily life."

CoChef food is something you can trust.


Three things we care...


Natural and pure

Pure ingredients from nature were used. 
Every ingredient is strictly sorted by us, all safe and sound.


Ultimate nutrients

Royal jelly and blueberries are freeze-dried to dissolve more than 3.5 times the
nutrients on the market. All other ingredients also contain natural nutrients.


Sweet and easy to eat

Convenient than honey in a jar and sweeter than commercial nutrients. 
Squeeze the honey stick with your fingers! It is also suitable for gifts.

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